Hi All,

Apologies for the lack of podcast for this week. I managed to completely lose my voice over the weekend! *grumble* so I’ve put together some Epic resources to make sure you guys have what you need to revise and to fall back on!!

Epic Theatre Powerpoint with Video <—- Beware!! the video powerpoint is a 180mb file!!

Epic Theatre Powerpoint – No Video <—– smaller file but missing video content

Also see the following Youtube video for another description of the style:


Hi Gang,

Please see below for the holiday homework for both year 11 and year 12:

Year 11

Recreate a monologue from a piece of fiction (TV, Film, Play or Cartoon/Anime)
length of about 2 minutes.

Some examples if you are stuck can be viewed in the Youtube playlist below:


Year 12

You need to create a solo based on a real person or experience that you have observed over the holidays. This can be the launching off point of a performance or this can be a quite literal creation from observation. This can be somebody you know quite well, like a friend or sibling or it could be a total stranger that you observe in your everyday life.

The expected length is about 2 minutes. Using fictional characters from Film/TV or Video games as inspiration is not appropriate.




An Introduction to the VCE Drama Course, which covers:
– Lots of talking by me (sorry…)
– Cover the basic purpose of each unit of study
– SAC’s and Exams
– Excursions!!! (woo!)
– Things to keep in mind
– Technology, and how we are to use it to help you!
– The ten commandments of the drama classroom.

The PDF of the PowerPoint is available below:
VCE Drama – Introduction